Program «Scuba Review»

Program «Scuba Review»

Haven't you been diving for a long time and want to remember diving skills? Take the program "Scuba Review" in Montenegro and repeat not only practical diving skills, but also the theoretical basis and rules of diving. You can do it in our diving club in Montenegro.

The program "Scuba Review" is specially designed:

- for divers who haven't been diving for a long time;

- for divers who want to refresh the theoretical knowledge and diving skills;

- for non-certified divers who have completed part of the course Open Water Diver and have an referral form.

The minimum age for participants is 10 years.

Duration 1 - 2 days.

The program "Scuba Review" contains theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part consists of repeating the information from the initial stage of training for divers and which is necessary for safe diving. During the practical part you will be able to repeat and practice the basic diving skills under the direct supervision of our diving instructor.

You can improve your skills and deepen your knowledge in diving by taking PADI diving courses in our diving club in Montenegro.